Our Services

Luna Community Consulting provides your organization with the opportunity to evaluate and review the role your organization plays in your community by helping you better understand the parameters of your community and providing you with effective strategies for engaging effectively and civilly with others in your community to advance both your organization's mission and the collective common community good.

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Luna Community Consulting offers a number of services to help your organization enhance its community role, position and connectivity.  Our services can be tailored to your organizations needs and scaled for conference rooms to lecture halls and theaters.  Consider working with us to develop programs for your organization team and for conferences and community events you host or participate in.

All fees are negotiable based on scope of work. 

THE DISCUSSION (60-90 minutes)  Dr. Luna can speak with you and your organization on a host of issues:

·      On Community: In this introductory talk and discussion Dr. Luna will facilitate an exploration of the nature of civility, community, politics and your organization’s importance to our broader San Diego community.

·      The Big Picture: A short history of  Man 500,000 BC to 3000 AD: Ideal for conferences and team building events.  Dr. Luna conducts an interactive presentation and facilitate an engaging discussion on the nature of man, history, politics and human destiny.

·      The Political & Social Landscape: Dr. Luna will provide your organization with an analysis of ongoing and emerging trends in San Diego politics, economics and society

·      The Q& A: In a customized presentation and discussion, Dr. Luna will address in detail key questions your organization has about San Diego politics, government and community.

THE SEMINAR (2-8 Hours): Dr. Luna will talk with your organization and team about two or more of the topics above.  Ideal for retreats and team building events.

THE NETWORK (2-8 Hours): Dr. Luna will review your Mission Statement and community history providing an overview of potential networking opportunities and actionable strategies to allow your organization to better live your Mission in the San Diego Community.

THE ROADMAP (Multiple Days): Combining The Seminar & The Network,  Dr. Luna will work with your team over several sessions to answer your questions about the San Diego Community, review and better operationalize your Mission Statement, build your community network and develop strategies to enhance your organization’s position as a community building leader.